Seal Lynx Point Male
(pictured at 8 months)
GC Catbery Tail Ditto X CH Catbery Tail’s Bell-of-the-Ball
Thank you, Diane Castor
for showing Cory beautifully throughout his kitten hood and to his grand!!

Both granded the same day at 8 months and one week of age!

Flame Lynx Point Neuter
(pictured at 8 months)
Thank you, Dan Kerns, for superbly showing Hero to his grand!

(pictured at 4 months)
Litter of four:
GC, NW Playwickey’s Bravo of Catbery Tail X CH Catbery Tail’s Biscotti of Mewmaws
Three girls and one boy…what fun! Debbie Kozlowski (Mewmaws) has been busy!