Flame Lynx Point Male
Pictured at 8 months
GC, NW Catbery Tail Karma Copy X GC Catbery Tail Cookie Crumb, DM

One show grand at the World Show 2013!
Thank you, Diane, for obtaining a regional kitten win!
Wildfire also obtained a regional win in championship!

Blue Cream Lynx Point Female
Pictured at 6 months
GC, NW Catbery Tail Copy Cat of Playwickey X GC Catbery Tail Halo

Tortie Point Female
Pictured at 6 months
GC, RW Mewmaws Patriot of Catbery Tail X GC Catbery Tail Jewel of Tana Bru
One Show Grand!

Flame Lynx Point Neuter
GC Catbery Tail Adonis of Cuddle-Paws X CH Catbery Belle-of-the-Ball, DM
Congratulations, Teresa and Jim, for your regional win in premiership and 7th best in NAR agility!

Tortie Lynx Point Female

Catbery Tail celebrates a second DM in 2013! GC Catbery Tail’s Cookie Crumb, DM

Many thanks to everyone who made this possible!! Diane Castor who gave me Cookie’s sire, GC, NW Playwickey’s Bravo of Catbery Tail, and Carolyn Baker who gave me Cookie’s dam, CH Sandypaws Hope of Catbery Tail

Cookie’s 5 qualifying offspring:

  • GC Catbery Tail Adonis of Cuddle-Paws
    Thank you, Debra Evans, for showing Adonis to his grand!
  • GC Catbery Tail Dittos of Almigry
    Living in Italy with Miriam of Almigry and shown beautifully in FIFE.
  • GC Catbery Tail Tutti Frutti of Cotton Kiss
    Living in Spain with Bertino of Cotton Kiss
  • GC, NW Catbery Tail Copy Cat of Playwickey
    Thank you, Diane Castor, for taking Copy to his destiny as a kitten and granding him!
  • And the latest grand- GC Catbery Tail Wildfire of Playwickey
    Thank you, Diane, for showing Wildfire so beautifully through his kitten hood and   preparing him for Cookie’s fifth grand.

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