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GC Catbery Tail Hot-Lips
Tutti is now living in Spain with Bertino!
GC Catbery Tail Tutti Frutti of Cotton Kiss
Baggy Pants is enjoying retirement in his forever home!
GC, RW Catbery Tail Baggy Pants, Jr
CH Catbery Tail's Bit O'Magic
GC, RW Playwickey's Dixabelle of Catbery Tail
GC Catbery Tail's Dew Drop
GC, NW Playwicley&#39;s Bravo X CH Sandypaws Hope of Catbery Tail<br>
Retired and living the good life with her litter-brother
Catbery Tail's Confetti
Retired to her forever home
GC Playwickey's Petals of Catbery Tail
Catbery Tail&#39;s First Home Grown Grand Champion!<br>
CH Playwickey&#39;s Pericles x CH Playwickey&#39;s Fox Trot of Catbery Tail
GC Catbery Tail's Strudel
CH Catbery Tail Fruit Loop of Laureden X CH Whisperwood&#39;s Savannah of Laureden
GC, RW Laureden Bagger Vance
GC Playwickey&#39;s Philly Fanatic, DM X CH Whsiperwood&#39;s Winsome
CH Playwickey's Pericles
My first show cat!
CH Catbery Tail's Rosebud
GC Brigantina&#39;s Misha of Oakheaven x Mountcascade Tasha of Mieuxmew, DM
GC Mieuxmew's Tinkerbelle
GC Playwickey&#39;s Yankee Clipper x CH Laureden Duchess of Catbery Tail
GC Catbery Tail's Hot Cinnabon
GC, NW Grovewood Corbin Copy x GC Catbery Tail&#39;s Dew Drop
GC Catbery Tail's Huckleberry
GC Catbery Tail's Huckleberry
CH Catbery Tail's Pitypat & GC Catbery Tail's Strudel
GC Playwickey Yankee Clipper X CH Catbery Tail&#39;s Pitypat
CH Catbery Tail's Chicory
CH Oakheaven's Magical of Catbery Tail
CH Mountcascade Ariel of Catbery Tail
CH Playwickey's Dittos Rush
Now being loved by my good friend Barb.
CH,GP Playwickey's Cavalier of Catbery Tail
Playwickey Polkadot of Catbery Tail
GC Karabel&#39;s Inkling of Catbery Tail x GC Catbery Tail&#39;s Dew Drop<br>
Now living with Debbie Kozlowski
CH Catbery Tail's Biscotti
GC Cuddle-Paws Reddy 2 Rumble x CH Mieuxmew&#39;s Head-Of-The-Line
CH Cuddle-Paws Piquant of Catbery Tail
Catbery Tail's Whisper
CH Catbery Tail's Pitypat
GP Jonkats Winchester of Catbery Tail
GC Grovewood's Zinger! of Catbery Tail
GC, RW Rainbo Point&#39;s Rags2Riches of Karabel x Karabel&#39;s Tabitha
GC Karabel's Inkling of Catbery Tail
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