Catbery Tail occasionally has kitties available for adoption to select homes. Catbery Tail is NOT a pet shop and we reserve the right to place our kitties where we see fit. Adoptive parents are carefully screened as we want the very best for our babies. You may email for information, but I must talk with you on the phone before an appointment will be made to visit the kitties. Catbery Tail is a PKD/leukemia tested cattery. All cats are placed with a health/genetic defect guarantee. Pets are placed with a neuter/spay contract. Kittens will not leave for their new homes until vaccinations are complete (12-14 weeks). Occasionally retired adults who have been neutered or spayed are available for adoption.

Once a Catbery Tail cat is placed in a home, that home becomes part of the Catbery Tail extended family. Catbery Tail parents are encouraged to call anytime for advice or questions about their kitty. Cats may be brought back for a lesson in cat bathing. Yes, himmies should be bathed!

Email me at for more information.

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