Welcome to Catbery Tails! Catbery Tails is located in the Pittsburgh area of beautiful western Pennsylvania. My name is Lori and I am the proud caretaker of these lovely kitties!

In 1991, I bought my first Himalayan, Bluebelle (better known as Little Bit). That was the beginning of my love story with the Himalayan/Persian breed.

My first litter was born three years later. Rosebud was the only kitten in the litter. I always called Rosie my special gift from the Lord as she became my first show cat and eventually became CFA Great Lakes Region Best Tortie Point.

In 1996, I met Diane Castor (Playwickey Cattery), and Catbery Tails has never been the same. My first cat from Diane became my first grand champion (GC Playwickey’s Patrician). Diane was willing to share with a newbie not only her cats, but her time and expertise with breeding. Thanks, Diane!

At this time I have incorporated a variety of
Himalayan lines and have acquired some wonderful friendships in the cat fancy.

If you should come for a visit to Catbery Tails, be prepared for kitties to greet you at the door and “supervise” your visit. My kitties love people and want to be with their person more than anything else.

Thank you for visiting Catbery Tails Himalayans. Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for a Himalayan to spoil and cherish.

Email me at catbery@comcast.net for more information.


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